About Us

Chocolate & Cinnamon(C&C) is a global, universal and unisex beauty brand. It’s focus is to help men and women of all skin types gain the anti aging benefits people of color(POC) naturally have by sharing beauty routines and formulas inspired by different cultures with a little help from science.
C&C helps you improve your skincare routines, slow down signs of aging, and promote healthy skincare attitudes. Part of our mission is to help support other women in become self-employed in the beauty industry.

We have currently have 12 SKU’s for Women and in June 2019 an additional 2 SKU’s for men. We sell kits online and have an interest in entering the travel industry. We are currently working on a children’s and natural line set to launch in April 2020.

For POC, beauty is effortless and we want to share this with the world.

Our Team

Our Mission

To promote healthy and effortless beauty habits across all skin types. To promotes loving the skin you are in despite prejudices and embracing the positives that far outweigh the negatives. To encourage back-to-roots and nature-infused skin care as the key to minimizing and combating skin ailments caused by pollutants and lack of knowledge of skin type and care.